Are your automation campaigns stuck?

Get your automation workflows and engagement campaigns working the right way with the first engagement and automation-focused agency in staffing focused on relevant messaging,  ROI activities and data quality to improve the overall experience.

What We Offer

Our Services

We help staffing and recruitment companies ramp up their Sense and Herefish by Bullhorn platform usage by becoming an extension of their marketing teams. We focus on offering the following services:


Develop an automation strategy and campaign roadmap.


Build and execute campaigns and workflows.


Implement workflow and messaging campaigns.


Receive automation training and ongoing support.


Why We Started

Digital transformation and automations are becoming more and more important as a competitive edge for staffing firms to acquire and retain candidates and clients.

Technology players are emerging, but with more technology comes the need to implement, operate, optimize, and train. We believe there is a substantial opportunity in the marketplace to provide these services to enlightened staffing firms looking to take advantage of their tech stack.

According to the latest Bullhorn GRID report:

  • 83% of staffing and recruitment professionals say digital transformation will help their business.
  • 50% of the respondents say digital transformation is top challenge; 31% cite lack of training resources.